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Below Are Great interviews Showing how MLP is working threw around the United States

Matt VanWormer discusses setting up the first MLP to serve Native Americans and partnering with Northern Navajo Medical Center. He also talks about what it’s like to be a new attorney and fellow starting a partnership and about connecting with other MLPs in the Network.

* Matt VanWormer, JD (Attorney and Skadden Fellow, DNA — People Legal Services)

March 2009

Dr. Robert Cohn (former Chief of Pediatrics at MetroHealth Medical Center) and Dr. E. Harry Walker (Executive Director, MetroHealth Primary Care) from the Cleveland Community Advocacy Program talk about the need for MLP buy-in at the institutional level and the importance of integrating medical and legal partners.

March 2009

Dr. Marie Clark, a pediatrician at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, talks about how doing her residency at a hospital with MLP shaped the way she practices medicine. (Dr. Clark was formally Chief Resident at Boston Medical Center.)

Diane Goffinet reflects on the value of starting with a small pilot project, the necessity of tracking cases and the importance of client stories.

Diane Goffinet, JD (Attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance & Legal Director, Medical-Legal Partnership of Southern Illinois)

March 2009

Kate White discusses how she became interested in MLP and the need in West Virginia.

Kate White, JD (Skadden Fellow, Legal Aid of West Virginia & Legal Director, Medical-Legal Partnership | West Virginia)

March 2009

The MLPC Hawaii team discusses finding an MLP partner, the importance of planning, successes and challenges one-year after launching and the importance of connecting to the MLP Network.

Chris Derauf, MD (Pediatrics Residency Director, University of Hawaii & Medical Director, MLPC Hawaii)

Dina Shek, JD (Vitousek-King Law Fellow, William S. Richardson School of Law & Legal Director, MLPC Hawaii)

March 2009

We are not affiliated with or represent MLP in any way these are just video showing how they work .

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Medical-legal partnership promotes health and well-being by drawing on the strengths of two powerful professions to ensure families' basic needs--for food, housing, and safety and stability--are met.