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Children are naturally hyperactive. They are curious about everything around them and love to explore their surrounding making them prone to bruising themselves, scraping their knees and contusions here and there. Not taking lightly the possibility of them acquiring commoncute kid 150x150 PRIMARY HEALTH INSURANCE NEEDS FOR KIDS diseases as well, such as common colds and flu. This will make trips to the doctor a routine which, without adequate health insurance will incur significant amount of money, don’t let the bills accumulate for hospital and healthcare bills accumulate quick. This is where health insurance for kids comes in handy.

Many insurance firms offer several specialized health insurance packages for children with specific policies for children with varying needs. Some of them can even be added to your existing family insurance plan if you have any at a cost the fraction of hospital bills. Most of these policies offer a lesser pay/co-pay, making trips to the doctor or hospital fiscally bearable.


Your child’s policy should cover at least the following:


Medical Prescriptions – as your child explores their environment, they need a strong immune system that will protect them from the pathogens ever present in the environment. Medications prescribed by their paediatricians/physicians are relatively expensive but when you have this as part of your child’s insurance policy, it will significantly decrease the cost that you will have had to pay.

Dental/Oral Care Plan – children are generally sweet lovers, they choose the foods that look sumptuous according to colour; primarily sweets, candies and treats are colourful but harmful for their teeth without proper care. Aside from that, developing children needs double the amount of fluoride than adults do. That is why they require more dental checks than adults do. These trips to the dentist, especially cases that require further treatments cost a lot, and I mean expensive. Ensuring your child’s dental care is fully covered by their insurance policy is a must.

Optometry / Eye Care – ensure that your kid’s eyesight are protected by having regular visits to the optometrist to test for visual impairments that your child may have, the earlier it is detected the greater the chance of correction. Usually healthcare plans for children does not usually cover Eye Care, but there are emerging insurance providers that include this in their policy at a higher cost, make sure that this is included in the policy because the additional cost of the insurance is just a fraction of the amount you will have to pay if your child is to have serious visual problems.

Hospitalization – more often than not, children will require trips to the doctor that will need further tests that will require them to stay in the hospital briefly. These brief stays in the hospital will cost more than you anticipate, so make sure that this is fully covered in their insurance plan and read the fine print on the amount the insurers will shoulder in case your child goes into hospital. Neonatal care is usually not covered in these plans, see if you require it and put it as an add-on to the policy. Usually children below 18 years old are eligible for this.

Raising a child is a tremendous task. Ensuring they grow up to their best potential is paramount to every responsible parent. Smart parents know that getting a complete health insurance plan for their children is essential; it is a menial task that will have a big impact on your child’s future.


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