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Children and their Health, Depend on You


Children and their Health, Depend on You


A developing child needs all the essential nutrients to nurture their evolving bodies. Their perception on healthy and balanced lifestyle develops sooner that you might anticipate.  Raising a child is no menial task; it involves a lot of headaches, stress and frustrations. Your actions and perceptions about health directly influence your child as they develop and grow.



Stress can greatly affect your child, especially during the conception stage; ounces and ounces of hormones are released by the body to naturally combat stress and maintain homeostasis, when the mother feels stressed, the baby is stressed as well so it is just as vital to live as stress free as possible to inhibit the unnecessary release of these hormones; one empirical finding on baby born from severely stressed mothers are inconsolable babies and constant mood swings during adulthood.


To alleviate stress, the mother can take short trips to the park or somewhere that is breezy and cool. Unknown to many, trees and lush greeneries provide a good haven for stress reduction. It is also good to avoid crowded environments as such environments are usually humid and increases the mother’s core temperature which is not good for the fetus. There are also meditations audio and video manuals that can help the mother learn meditation techniques to keep stress away. These are just some tips a mother can take to keep stress away.


Food and Diet

The mental and physiological development of a child or baby heavily depends on the nutritional intake they have. Every parent should at least undergo research or a basic mother’s class on images 150x150 Children and their Health, Depend on Youthe importance of providing your child adequate nutrition. Vegetables and fruits are essential for the development of your child’s mental capacity. Breast milk, as they say is always the best for babies as this contains essential amino acids and antibodies that help combat illnesses and strengthen your baby’s bodily defences. Creating a safe and enjoyable eating environment for your child ensures that they develop a healthy perception about food; making meals not only a gastronomic experience but as well as quality family time.


Spirituality and Society and Your Role as a Parent

Every aspect of your child’s development should be given significance to in ensuring your child grows up to be a healthy member of society; religious affiliation aside, parents must guide their kids to develop a strong foundation on faith because faith is one of the factors that influence a child’s view on things, people and the world as a whole. Motivate your child to read the bible if you’re a Christian, read parables to them; stories of kindness and compassion for they will bring this with them as they grow older. It does not matter whatever religion your family practices as long as your child develops a sense of spirituality because every religion’s main mission is to instill kindness and love in our hearts.

Your child’s actions reflect from what they see from you. Remember that mimicking traits and behaviour is one of the basic instincts a child acquires during their rapid growth years. It cannot be stressed enough the value of being their “role models”. What they see today is what they would become as adults and in the society. If they grow up in a tensed family, nagger parents constantly screaming at each other and a drunkard father; chances are they will grow up to be exactly like their parents. But if they see and feel unconditional love and compassion in the family, these traits they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Children who grew up well-bred and educated tend to be the respectable and respecting ones, they value relationships and conscious on time and how short life is. They are the ones who enjoy life to the fullest; the optimists of society.

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